Benefits of crossfit

CrossFit emphasizes intensity, and intensity is what creates results

Intensity, of course, is relative, allowing everyone to train at a level appropriate to their own physical and psychological limitations. Most traditional exercise programs promote low to moderate intensity. Ever heard the myth that, to burn more fat you need to workout at a lower intensity?… this is horribly misguided information that continues to be spread even while current scientific research has found that shorter duration, higher intensity exercise is in fact better for you. Intensity is not something to be afraid of. It is the magic. It’s the secret ingredient that will change your life.

CrossFit creates ATHLETES, not bodybuilders

Through the emphasis of high power functional movements over low power isolation ones, you’ll be training your body not to just look better, but to WORK better. The irony about that is, when you take the focus off of vanity and put it on performance, your physique responds like never before. CrossFit promotes functional exercises by emphasizing the movements which create better core strength, stamina, coordination, agility, and balance to name a few. You’ll begin to focus less on trying to “look fit”, and more on ACTUALLY becoming fit.

CrossFit workouts are competitive events

This friendly competition motivates people like nothing else. Whether you’re competing with your own previous score, or competing with a friend in class, you will be shocked how much more fun this makes working out. This is especially true if you’re a former athlete who thinks he or she has lost that competitive drive. CrossFit will awaken something inside of you, and the feeling is addictive and amazing.

CrossFit is the new definition of fitness

Decades, and billions of dollars later, and not one “leader” of the fitness industry has been able to define fitness, until now. CrossFit has defined fitness as “an increase in work capacity across broad time and modal domains”. What this means is that the fittest people on earth should be great in everything, but specialize in nothing.

CrossFit is not just fitness, it’s a community

Sure, it may seem intimidating at first, but you’ll quickly realize how supportive the CrossFit community is and how this is just part of the thread that binds it together. You will never have to workout alone again. Not only will you benefit from expert coaching and a huge online community to discover and share stories with, but you’ll also develop relationships in the gym that truly make training fun. This encourages consistency, which is extremely difficult to find in other programs. The people in your CrossFit gym become your teammates, and you’re likely to bond quickly with anyone you meet at the bank wearing a CrossFit t-shirt. People are passionate about this for a reason, it’s up to you to find out what that is.

CrossFit produces MEASURABLE results

Unlike most other fitness programs, when you do CrossFit, you will have measurable and repeatable data to prove you are getting fitter. Intensity equals POWER. And power is generated by moving a load quickly. This means you can score a workout and repeat it at a later time to measure the work produced. Not only will you see and feel improvements physically, your score will demonstrate it.

CrossFit prepares you for ANYTHING

CrossFit trains multiple metabolic systems, as opposed to just one like in most sports. There are three metabolic pathways that produce the energy to perform any activity: the alactic, lactic, and the aerobic systems. Most programs focus on one or two of the systems making you a specialist, but weak in the others. CrossFit trains you to become a well rounded athlete, spending time in all three time domains and improving your work capacity in any activity that you do. Soooo… the next time you encounter a bear you’ll have a choice. You could either take the bear down in one swooping lash, wrestle with it until it is too fatigued to fight back, or run away from it for hours on end… alactic, lactic, aerobic.

CrossFit promotes long term health

Functional movements are named as such for a reason. They make us more functional. They help us move more efficiently and prevent injuries in our everyday lives. Combined with a diet that promotes longevity and performance, you will feel better, perform better, and have more energy even as you get older. This truly is the closest thing to a fountain of youth that we have.

Your weaknesses cannot hide from CrossFit

The workouts will keep you honest and force you to attack your weaknesses, making you a better all-around athlete. This is something that nearly everyone avoids when training on their own, which severely limits progress. In other words, don’t be afraid of your weaknesses, or exercises that you “hate”, face them head on with relentless determination and you will get results you never thought possible.

CrossFit is life-changing

The results you see from Crossfit transfer over to other aspects of life. The confidence that it delivers will allow you to perform activities you never thought possible. Not only will you feel better physically, but most people notice changes in their performance at work, at home, and in their relationships.

You Can Be Strong like the Hulk

You’ll definitely build muscle and strength by doing CrossFit exercises. These workouts change regularly to challenge the muscles in various ways. A normal routine consists of squat jumps, hang cleans, power cleans, burpees, pull ups, handstand pushups, sprints, and kettlebell swings. These are beneficial to efficiently grow and change the muscles.

You Can Make Your Fats Cry for Argentina

Coupled with a healthy diet, CrossFit’s workouts will not only improve your muscle mass, but also cause your body to burn fat. Fat loss is an imperative part of the human race, because being overweight can cause a series of health problems that could possibly lead to death.

You Can Be a Cardio Machine like Pacquiao

CrossFit exercises normally lasts for about 30 minutes. And this 30-minute routine will not only make your muscles weary, it will also increase your cardiovascular fortitude. The human heart works faster and harder to keep pace as you rapidly pump out reps.

You Can Be Explosive like Bolt

CrossFit was originally developed for the elite and strong athletes. The workouts require an individual to do high and fast repetition.

CrossFit Builds Muscle Fast

Within a couple weeks of going to CrossFit training regularly, you’ll begin to notice that you’re getting stronger and more toned. Whether you’re carrying your kids to and from the car, lifting a bag of dog food, or simply unscrewing a jar lid, you’ll definitely notice a difference.

CrossFit Encourages Competition

It doesn’t matter if you’re competing against your peers, in a CrossFit event, or with yourself, you will strive with each challenge you face. Competition more often than not brings the best out of ourselves, regardless of the forum.

CrossFit is Scalable

Each workout at a CrossFit gym is designed to be done by everyone, regardless of age, skill level, or strength. The benefit of this is that newcomers can work with weights that match their needs and experienced weightlifters can work with weights that continue to challenge their abilities.

CrossFit Boosts Confidence

It’s an amazing transformation going from a sedentary lifestyle or even a typical gym workout and doing CrossFit. You’ll quickly build your confidence is many aspects of your life, including your weightlifting sessions, your place of work, and in everyday interactions with others.

You Can Even Compete

Not everyone works out to train for an event, but there’s no doubt that a certain amount of competition can help you stay motivated and enthusiastic about your workouts. The great thing about CrossFit is you can be as competitive – or not – as you like.

Almost every CrossFit Box will post everyone’s performance on the day’s WOD on a whiteboard – whether it’s how much you lifted, how many rounds you did, or how fast you went. If you aren’t competitive by nature, don’t worry – it’s really more to motivate you to do your best, and to help your CrossFit coach keep a record of your progress. However, if you are a bit of a competitor, the WOD scores might be enough to help you push yourself a little bit further with each workout!

It’s Fun

One of the best things about CrossFit workouts is the variety. This is not the kind of program where you turn up and do pretty much the same workout over and over, or just run on a treadmill. Like we’ve mentioned, workouts are designed to build into a complex progression of strength, cardio, and flexibility training, but most of all they focus on ‘functional fitness’. That means CrossFit WODs can sometimes be really creative.

You’ll Get Flexible

Okay, let’s say you are looking at the schedule for your local CrossFit Box, and you see most classes are about an hour. We’ve just been describing the types of high intensity workouts you can expect, and you may be thinking, ‘I need to work that hard for an hour?’ Well, no. Remember how we said with powerlifting and with HIIT workouts you get a lot of benefit from a shorter workout time? Well, that’s the case at CrossFit. You’ll work out hard for about half an hour, but your class will start and finish with a very carefully designed program of warm up and cool down that protects your muscles and joints and helps prevent injury.

You’ll Get Strong

One of the cornerstones of CrossFit is strength training. Not every workout is lifting weights but expect to get familiar with free weights and weight lifting techniques. Don’t think CrossFit is all about ‘bulking up’ – it’s much more subtle than that, and it isn’t going to give you huge biceps.

The CrossFit strength training program is primarily designed to help you get toned and get strong. Of course, that will help you to look good, and if weight loss is part of your goals then improving muscle tone will certainly help you too. CrossFit strength training uses a varied, all-around program based on a few basic movements, so don’t worry about having to learn lots of new skills. You’ll soon master the basics of ‘Olympic lifting’ technique, and chances are you’ll be surprised at how much fun weightlifting can be, and how quickly you see the benefits!

It's Convenient

CrossFit Boxes will provide you with all of the equipment you need for a variety of all-around workouts. Cardio equipment, free weights, flexibility aids – all of these are at your CrossFit Box. Unlike a public gym though, you don’t have to figure them out on your own. Your CrossFit classes will be well guided by trained coaches, with skills support, someone to check your form and prevent injuries, and pre-planned workouts so you don’t have to think about your own program. Because CrossFit Boxes typically serve small groups that train regularly, you get a much more tailored program than if you try an online fitness program or work out on your own at the gym. Best of all, the group structure means you get most of the attention of a personal trainer, but at a fraction of the price.

Prepares Your Body for Other Sports

If you’re planning to be trained new sports such as swimming or basketball, it’s very important to condition and strengthen your body before you learn how to swim. With CrossFit exercises, you can easily make your muscles stronger, improve your flexibility and boost your balance. All these will assist you to be a competitive player and a professional one, if you really like that sport and you are talented.

A Wide Range of Exercises

Everybody gets bored, and particularly those who do the same things repeatedly. With CrossFit workouts, you do not have to be bothered about routine, since you’ll constantly be changing the workouts you practice. You will realize that you will not perform the same workout more than twice every 6 months.

Helps You Save Lots of Time

Whether you’re a pupil trying hard to pass all examinations or a busy wife or husband trying to maintain the daily responsibilities, you just can not afford to spend some hours daily in the gym. A great benefit of CrossFit exercise is that it takes no more than 20 minutes to complete.

CrossFit Aids Mobility

One of the nice aspects of CrossFit is that the majority of its workout routines are based around normal bodily movements and because of this you will be far more mobile. The mobility that comes with CrossFit workouts helps with physical rehab and combating aging bones and muscles.

CrossFit Improves Functionality

CrossFit workouts are always different from day-to-day and they are not body-part specific. Instead, you get a whole-body workout that effects multiple body parts and muscles.

CrossFit has a Social Conscience

CrossFit is an ideal program if your social conscience is important to you. The CrossFit brand has aligned itself very closely with support of the military, initially because the ‘functional fitness’ model worked very well for soldiers in training. CrossFit has turned this into a serious movement though, and reached out to a community of veterans to help with post-service fitness and rehabilitation. You’ll soon grow familiar with the CrossFit ‘hero workouts’, each named to honor a fallen soldier and keep their legacy in our hearts. Workouts like ‘Murph’ will not only challenge you physically, they’ll give you a reason to stop and take a moment to learn about the workout namesake, and to remember and honor their service.

Make exercise and proper nutrition a habit

Many people who do CrossFit also go on a Paleo or Zone diet to accelerate their progress. At the very least, they try to eat healthy so as not to negate their workout efforts. A CrossFit workout is just too tiring to sabotage with a slice of cheesecake.

CrossFit is more than just a training program. It is a lifestyle. It takes a lot of willpower to stick with CrossFit since it is so challenging. Many people who try it give up. However, those who stick with it for 2 to 3 months will notice just how beneficial it is.Once you see your excess fat disappearing and your muscles starting to show, you will be motivated and look forward to each

CrossFit workout with excitement and dread at the same time. This is normal. You dread the torture, but you know that your body will thank you for it.
With time, you will inculcate the habit of regular exercise and good, clean nutrition. It will usually be a slow, gradual process. When you look back on your life after 3 to 5 months of CrossFit and see how far you’ve come, you will thank yourself for starting CrossFit.

Are you ready to take the challenge? Let’s get started.